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I know I’m not the woman you married
Those things we promised aren’t true
Like better for worse and loving as well as we could
The most beautiful woman I witnessed
I knew when your eyes met my eyes
I thanked sweet Mary cause inside I died
Eloise, Eloise, forgive me please
So how did dark clouds come over
And hurricane through our home
You fell out of love
And started to look around
The jealousy I feel inside me
Is a tiger I cannot control
I'm loving you, hating you
Spiraling down to hell
Eloise, Eloise, forgive me please
You borrowed my Ford 55’ pickup
I found it parked in the lot
You alone in my truck
And then I don’t’ know what came over
Cause I don’t’ remember the blood
From the bullet holes, the handcuffs, the cops
Eloise, Eloise, forgive me please
Still you arrive at the hour
Still you stay married to me
Our love will live through this
Eloise, Eloise, forgive me please

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