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Even If I Could

[Verse 1]
I've got issues, so does everyone
That never stopped you from sleeping with this loaded gun
I'm sorry for everything I have done (everything I have done)

And now you're telling me
That I am the one that won't amount to no good
I'd never die for you, not even if I could
And I am the one that's always misunderstood
I'd never die for you, even if I could
Die for you, you know I never would

[Verse 2]
Mommy's little monster
Wrapped inside a box
Can't forgive her
She threw away the fucking key
I'll haunt her
For the rest of her life (for the rest of her life)


You know that I can never forgive you
You wear me out
You break me down (you break me down)


You know, you know I never would[x4]

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