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Even The Stars

Mm-mmm, mm-mm

[Verse 1]
I was on the wrong side of my mind when I met you
Looking for a fast ride, a way out like young girls do
I left my family waiting for me in that back row pew
Only knew what I knew

[Verse 2]
You'd sit there lightin' matches one by one just to watch them burn
Sometimes I wish I could forget all of the things I learned
But there ain't no directions on how to take these turns
Sometimes it just hurts

But even the stars fade away
Even the stars burn out one day
Even the stars, the stars fade from viеw
So will you

[Verse 3]
88 constellations, I'm still spinnin' in the dark
One thousand convеrsations, still searchin' for my heart
When will the past be over? Where does the future start?
Can I skip to that part?

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Date Added: 2022-05-25
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