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Everybody Talks To God

[Verse 1]
He was sayin' grace over a Tuesday blue-plate special
When the man in the next booth said, "Don't you watch TV?"
Don't know that God's a myth, I hate to see you waste your breath
'Cause there ain't no use talkin' to a ghost that don't exist

The prayin' man said, "Amen," and looked up from his plate
And said, "You may not talk to God right now, but there's gonna come a day"

'Cause whether you're a farmer in the field
Prayin' for the rain
Or you curse him at the gravesite
'Cause he called a loved onе's name
You can thank him, you can blame him
Either way, you'rе gonna face him
Whether you believe in him or not
'Cause, in the end, everybody talks to God

[Verse 2]
The man in the booth went quiet 'cause he didn't have a comeback
So he shrugged it off and paid his tab then shuffled out the door

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