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EZ Elpee Uptown Freestyle

[Intro: Big L]
Awww, yeah!
Yo, check it out. On the M-I-C, right about now is the B-I-G, period, capital L in effect! Word
And on the wheels o' steels, it's no other than, the EZ Elpee. Word

I wann' give a shout out to the whole one three nine crew
Herb McGruff, he's in the house, word up
Who else, who else? Lemme see... My man Antwon, he's in the house. Word up
Ayo, I can't forget D-Wiz, he's in the house. Word up
Who else? Ayo, uh, Tommy Rine, he's in the house, everybody in the house

But check it out, it go like this...

[Verse: Big L]
Yo it's the L and you can tell by my style and my light voice
You dig that I'm the youngest in charge, that's the right choice
I'm a MC that should be left alone, I'm bad to the bone
Flippin' and whippin' a rip and own the microphone
And taking me out, you know that's dead
Cause I got the rap biz sewed up like thread
In the rap game, I'm numero uno
Far from little, I'm bigger than a sumo
And rappers that pop shit, the Big L drop quick
I'm breaking niggas in half like a chopstick
Don't ever step to this, "Why, L?"
Cause I'm the foul type
Throw up your hands and get floored with a wild right
I'm getting rid of emcees without a tussle, I don't hustle
And still pull bitches like a muscle
I'm smoother than velvet, my lyrics are well writ
You sayin' L's this and L's that, get off L's dick
I'm the toughest and roughest in the industry
Over the years my rap skills improved tremendously
Rhymes I recite, on the mic
Take flight, like a gear bike
Me get tooken out? Yeah right
Duck emcees at the mouth, they be poppin off
Talkin' about steppin' to the L, they need to knock it off
And slow the fuck down, before they get bucked down
I'm rolling with my strong crew, straight outta Uptown
When I'm in a rappin' mood, I grab the mic and get rude
Me gettin' booed? What the fuck, is you food?
You must be, or you're just plain dusty
Smoking PCP now you think you can crush me
But you'll get slayed, and get played, like ping pong
And I'll stomp that ass out flat, like i was King Kong
Rappers I ran past, but still many men ask
Cause I be gettin' loose, like a ho in a dance class
Raps are deadly and dangerous plus raw
Some rappers get props, but the L gets much more
Your rhymes are lightweight, mine's a heavy set
You're try'na get ill, you better chill cause you ain't ready yet
In rap battles I make rappers say "I quit"
I drop metaphors, punchlines, all that fly shit
My heads you couldn't fly, diss me, you wouldn't try
I boast and brag a lot, but why shouldn't I?
Rappers that be basin, I'm wastin', without hesitation
Lyrics are so ill I had to put 'em on medication
Brothers be amazed, for days
The way L flow
Can other emcees fuck around? Hell no
Rhymes are extra ill, come on and test the skills
And you'll be the next fool who I'm next to kill
Believe me Chief, you don't want no trouble son
Try to call my bluff and you'll be calling nine double one
Emcees that act rude get chewed like Chattanooga
Quote what I wrote and get smoked like a bag of buddha
I never wear saggin' clothes, L be baggin' hoes
Bo Knows that I flows, and I'm draggin' those
Emcees that try to compete
Stop bein' cheap and spend ya papes and buy this dope ass tape

[Outro: Big L]
It's like that y'all and ya don't stop
The Big L gonna make your body rock
Peace, I'm out. Word up

Yeah. Word up, I'm comin' out soon
You can catch me on a Lord Finesse twelve inch, on the flipside. You know what I'm sayin'?
Return of the Funkyman album, droppin', it's gonn' be hot. You know what time it is

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