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Fall Back Remix

[Verse 1: Trey Songz Rapping]

Dear Jayne, How You gon tell me to fall back?
How I'm hitting up your cell and you don't even call back? [Repeat x2]

Dear Jayne, How you gon tell me to fall back?
How I'm hitting up your cell and you don't even call back?
How you telling me I can take everything I bought back..
When.. everything you left with..I bought that?
But this ain't about that
I Just want your mouth back, on my mouth
And other places we don't even talk at
Every time times you was saying it was mine No doubt
You a Indian giver how you gonna take it back now?

[Verse 2: Trey Songz Singing]

What I look like letting you go?
Baby you know, I ain't stupid I know you is the best thing I have in my life
And I want you to bring it back to me..
I want you to throw it back to me..
While we looking in the mirror wanna pull on your hair
Wake up in the morning wanna smell on your neck
Ain't nothing better then the love we have
Them girls just mad
Talking bout they seen me in that spot and this spot
I was at the crib making songs in my flip flops
Tick tock, clock keeps spinning I ain't thing bout no other woman
But you shorty, oh shorty
I ain't did shit but I'm sorry
I'm sorry just don't fall back on me

[Hook: Dear Jayne]

Its Okay, Baby its alright you ain't no.. tonight
Its all good make it understood, you ain't getting no.. tonight
You was all up on her booty, think I'm playing but you gonna see
Your stuff is right there, I hope you sleep tight
You ain't getting no.. tonight

[Hook: Dear Jayne]
Fall back, fall back, fall back x6

[Verse 3: Trey Songz]

See you talking bout some shit you ain't seen you just heard about
Fake ass word of mouth
I don't even know what you worried about..
Okay I'm lying she was grinding, I was there
But she the waitress she was bringing me the beer
This ain't even fair you see I'm here and I ain't there
I flirted just a little but don't tell me I don't care
Try'na hop up in the bed I ain't fucking with that chair
No sofa shit, unless I bed you over it
That's more appropriate, lets get our grove on
You ain't mad watch you fold like a futon
Brown bag full of gold love coupons
You was cold now its on cause you Luke warm
You know you wanna throw those long ass boots on
And put a CD with a old ass group on
While you ride, alright? come on

[Hook: Dear Jayne/ (Trey Songz)]

(Its okay..its alright)
Its okay, Baby its alright
You ain't getting no..tonight
(Give me some love)
Its all good make it understood
You ain't getting no..tonight
(I wanna get some love tonight girl)
You was all up on her booty
(I was not on her she was on me..she was bring the drinks)
Think I'm playing but you gonna see
Your stuff is right there
(i'm not, im not sleeping on the couch you can kill that)
I hope you sleep tight cause you ain't getting no..tonight


What? Baby give me some love..

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