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Fantastic Voyage

It was all a dream
Yet it seems my eyes were open
Must have fallen asleep while I was smoking
Frying potent, it feels like time has frozen
It must be this delightful potion mixing with the psilocybin I’ve been microdosing
Mind is open nod my head to the beat while
Tryna vocalize words I can’t readily speak
I been, wrestling sheep on the edge of this sleep
‘Cause of this medical leaf and several edible trees
And I swore I heard someone say ‘come and get me at my place, I can’t wait another day’
She can’t fucking wait, she wants to run away and come and play
And then everything just goes silent
Her ultraviolet is so vibrant, changed the whole climate
She’s her own island, my heart wrote a love story the crazy part, the main star is my co-pilot
She was a July baby, you know I can’t lie baby
I’m behind the wheel but she’s the one driving my mind crazy
I mean my concept of time’s hazy
Probably ‘cause I’m sitting directly next to this fine lady
Giving me sexy eyes while the L is burning
This Accord ain’t the only thing where engine purring
She said ‘I don’t smell no bourbon, why the hell you swerving?’
I said ‘I’m a rebellious person, you can tell for certain’
The amount of fun we’re having shouldn’t be legalized
You shouldn't be surprised we are both extremely high
Hand between her thighs, tryna release the freak inside
I know she wants to scream, I can see it in her greenish eyes
Look at the wave he’s making, can’t keep your baby waiting
What I’m radiating aids the raid of her lady places
Handsome devil, I may be Satan
Or maybe I’m so fly my first steps earned me a degree in aviation
So let’s move in that wavy motion
You know, like we tryna emulate the ocean
Maybe it’s just me, but this chick is crazy open
It must be my game or the insanely potent strain we smoking
So I leaned over whispered some sweet nothings
Something about loving the look in her eye when she’s cumming
After some deep fucking, then I smile like I don’t even know what I’m saying baby, I just ate a weed muffin
Well put it on me, ‘cause I’m horny
When my little soldiers march, it’s an army
I’m sayin’ fuck, love, and sex you’re gettin’ all three
So if you want me, then what’s it gon’ be
She was susceptible to my tactics
I don't’ think we really gon’ make it back to my mattress
I feel like I’m raftin’ on the white rapids
Wisecrackin’, like should I grab a condom or a life jacket?
I start to wonder what the fuck is next
Then she look me right in the eyes like you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
My worries up and left
I got my head in the clouds like catching dome while hotboxing a jumbo jet
She jumped on it and let the demon escape
She started, moving her hips to the beat of the bass
I can’t believe, all the things that she screamed in my face
Riding me while I’m driving like I’m Charlie Sheen in The Chase
Car smellin’ like fuck, lust and blunt guts
I ain’t smiled this much since I was a young buck
I wake up, dick in hand screamin’ “why’s the sun up”
It’s only right my whole life, been sleepin’ on the come up

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