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Bitch game on fleek
Wrist game on fleek
Kick game on fleek
These bitches wanna cheat
Bitch I’m on fleek
Whole swag on fleek
Boss up like a G
Head thing on fleek
Hey you know my dick game on fleek
Pimp game on fleek
Bitch I’m on fleek
Whole team on fleek bitch
Bitch I’m on fleek
Boss up like a G
Head thing on fleek
Yea he fucking with me

[Verse 1:]
You know I’m a real bitch from the streets
Fresh panty on the feet
Ab bras on fleek
Shout out for Chinese
Six bottles and a closure
Hinch game on fleek
Pretty hater hook me up
Down on 39 street
My nigga stand with their heat
Thirty shot at that infrared
At a couple off in these streets
Head thing gonna fleek
Bitch I stay fleek
And yeah them girls I hate
But they ain’t fucking with me
Bitch I stay fleek


[Verse 2:]
You know my wrist game on fleek
Ice game on fleek
I ain’t never like you know I keep that heat
Run up on me
They dirty on me
These fuck niggas don't want no beef
I swerve through these streets
My pimpster game on fleek
My aim is on fleek
You run up on me
I’m gonna bang with that heat
Put you six feet deep
My Bently on fleek


[Verse 3:]
I told you
Is she on fleek
Bad bitch on fleek
She on fleek
Fuck her everyday of the week
Money in my sleeve
Everything on fleek
Ice all on me
You know I keep that heat
D nigga sleep
But she on fleek
The baby girl she so sweet
She keep these streets


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