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Flood Out The Club

[Hook: Juicy J]
Racks full of water, when we hit the club
We gonna make it rain, 'til the club flood
D boys popping bud, doing plenty drugs
When we hit the club, show the strippers love
Flood out the club, show the strippers love
Flood out the club, show the strippers love
Flood out the club, show the strippers love
Show the strippers love, show the strippers love

Verse 1 [Juicy J]
I don’t shop with a Nigga, bruh, Juicy is the plug
Mansion in the Holly hills, chinchilla rug
Flashy everywhere I go, Louis to the toe
And when I'm done fucking all these hoes
I show them to the door
You can call me Satchel Paige cause I sure know how to throw
Money on that ass, when she grinding on the floor
White chick on my left, black on my right
Get 'em together, watch them shake that ass like dice
Ziploc bag of kush and a double cup
Two bitches on my dick, I'm gettin' double sucked
I'm like Ginuwine, I need that pony ride
And when I'm done smashing that chick
I toss her to my guy


Verse 2 [Casey Veggies]
Put it to the club, Juice picks up in that Phantom
Knows the stripper girls, make it happen in Atlanta
Just turned eighteen, and I'm 'bout to spend this green
Freshest, youngest on the scene
These hoes rolling with the team
Juicy gave me some racks, throw 'em right at her ass
Bang on me so fast, and I never give you a pass
Damn girl, you so crazy, you dancing like it's your last
Next day dream about that shit, I was sleeping up in class
Last time I checked, all the kid had was time
Just cashed that check, gave my niggas some this time
We made enough, you made it up, L.A. girls gonna lay with us
They down to roll, down to suck
Cause we some niggas that's making bucks
Father gave me that pimp game
Posse too colossal, yo
Mother said to watch them hoes, that's crazy tryna stop you though
She love them niggas from the west side
That's where the best ride
My chest high, I'm confident
I told the girl, "it's plex time"

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