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Flow So Dumb

Soulja Boy
My life feel like I'm starin in a soap opera
Niggaz say beezy dats a dope watch bruh
Sunday night count creek red lobster
Soulja boy tellem
Flo fantastic my money bounce call it cash elastic
A monster, a beast, a creature, a vulture
I need more weed speed up da agriculture
I am da insulter before we make dis deal let me consult consultor
Uuummm listen to da drum go bum
Most of rappers spit bubble gum yum
My watch dumb wat have I become
Become I am da reason
Dis a test not da real song it looks good but feel so wrong
Da paparazzo caught me takin a shit
Got damn paparazzo how'd u get that pic
I heard u couldn't go verse for verse with a real spitter
And I heard he couldn't cut a check for the real dealer
I'm like a nerd a genius tell ya girlfriend to get off my penis
Aah sooulja boy tell em extrodinair
I'm in da kush smoke and blow airy everywhere
Now dis how it is
I'm so fly I can take a shit
And it will mel like chocolate
I'm soulja boy tellem can I drop a hit

Fuck dat put my cd on da shelf
I'm so fly I be hatin on myself
I'm like fuck soulja boy dat nigga is lame
But damn dat nigga got so much fuckin game
Can I get some I don't think so
Soulja boy tell em
Chevy same color smoke
Got damn can I get it on my tippy toes
Can she give me head on her tippy toes
Ha ha I'm fool with it ok ok
Soulja boy tellem wat I say wrong
My album went platinum but I linked every song
Fuck dat I'm alergic to u haters
I'm in my zone I'm hot like da elivator
I step out da whip and hoes are starrin
But me and my click I'm really not carin
I don't give a fuck let's play truth or dare
And I will play put my dick in your ear
So u can fuck wat ya heard I strike another verb
And everytime I spit I speak a lot of words
Soulja boy tell em flow sound absurd
Fuck dat shit put my dick in ya ear
Ok ok
Man soulja boy spit da verse then took the beat off
I told ya bitch to shut the fuck and be off
I told ya main girl ride my dick till it fall off
Nah I told her ride till it go soft
When I give it tell her put it in her mouth I'm
Soulja boy tell em teen of tha south

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