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Focus (Meaning)

"The first line of 'Focus' is: 'I know what I came to do and that ain't gonna change.' What I came here to do in this world is not only to entertain but to love, to share, to listen, to improve, to learn, to share music, to share experience, to share feelings, to make people feel happy and empowered," she explained.

"To make people feel like they're not alone. Without using my voice to do those things I would feel empty," she continued. "When I say 'focus on me' I'm not asking to be the center of attention. I'm not asking you to focus on my face or my clothes or my body or my singing voice. By 'focus on me,' I literally mean focus on me. Focus on what I'm all about and what I believe in.

"The more we focus on each other as people and not on what we look like, what we're wearing, our gender, our hairstyle, our sexuality, the color of our skin. But focus on each other on a soul level. The more we realize how much we have in common, the more we listen to each other, the more one we become."

The title of Ari's track might seem like an effort to get people to focus on the right things about her, too, since she's had such a tumultuous year (ahem, remember the donut incident?), but she insists this is about all of us.

"You judge because you don't focus on me, you don't focus on each other," she explained. "You judge because you focus on appearance, on clothes. You focus on what you want from me, what you want from people. How you want them to wear their hair. You judge me, you wanna see me dressed a certain way, how you wanna see their make-up, their eyebrows. You focus on what you think people should be like for you. But when you stop and you actually focus on someone, you'll see the light in them. When you focus on me, you see the light in me. When we focus on each other, we see the light in each other. And even if you don't, this is who we are. What are we making fun of? What's there to make fun of? We should apologize for that."

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