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Free Style

[Hook x4]
I done linked up, with Presidential

[Lyrical 187]

In H-Town where I come from, there's syrup in the cup
Grill in the mouth, big wheels on the bus
Where niggaz put it down, and these hoes will fuck
You cross that thin line, and you will get touched
1-8-7 I'm telling you, one time is enough
Leave your kids at home, cause it might get rough
I wreck the mic, like I'm driving drunk on the bus
And hit the highway, gotta refill my cuts
Out of town, we got the best numbers going round
Boys come from Canada, and sco' it by the pound
Sounds like another one, Presidential big guns
Cocked and loaded, ready cause the battle has begun
You niggaz ain't heard yet, them boys on shine
Got the do-do in the limo, sitting behind eight mile
We put it down down here, on the grind round here
If you don't know, you will by this time next year

[Hook x4]

[Big Pokey (Scratching)]
Still off the chain
St-st-st-still off the chain [x2]

Young Fever, M-S-P my team (get it right)
Game dirty, but my name stay clean (all night)
I keep a nine cocked, locked on the beam
Look don't get your head, knocked on the scene
You cats couldn't knock, Kevo out the groove
Now I'm fever, block bleeder bitch move
You can find me on Southcoast, stoke (uh-huh)
Your baby mama, bout to shine my spokes (get it nigga)
Gun smoke, got my lungs on choke (I'm real)
Got my pint by the neck, the head poke (I'm still)
Presidential is the home, of my sound (that's word)
It's only right, that I hold shit down (it's my turn)
I'm tired of niggaz, steady yelling out Spre's
They got revolver kits, that bitch sexy please
You motherfuckers can't see me with me a flashlight (chamill nigga)
You wanna step to Fever, nigga get your cash right (I'm here nigga)

[Hook x4]
I done linked up, with Presidential

Man look I be flipping, Expedition
Six wood tipping, that boy must of been fishing
Cause he pull out so, many keys
Man hold up, I got so many G's
I'm from the Clark-a, pull up in the blade in New York-a
Wetter than a snorkeler, that boy's just like a shark-a
I be sniping on boys, straight strifling boys
Letting em know I come through, windshield wiping them boys
Getting the mouth on it, hollin' at my partna Tony
It's that Lil' Mu', got head in the Sony
Deck, that boy be wrecking I chin check
Young niggaz that, don't show respect
I pull up real fast, with a black ski mask
That boy go so long, they call him Everlast
Enerjog Energizer, man I get wiser
Break them boys off, I'm the mic chestiser

[Hook x4]
I done linked up, with Presidential

[Big Pokey (Scratching)]
Still off the chain
St-st-st-still off the chain [x2]

[Big Pokey & (H.A.W.K.)]
Still off the chain
Sensei, keep it real in the game
Nigga trying to get a mill, in the game (already)
Me and Ro, we some real with this thang
Getting locked, now I kill on your dame (already)
You know, she like the wheels on the Range
You tripping, cause I'm still on my brain
You don't like it nigga, deal with it mayn (already)

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