[Z-Ro talking]
Z-Ro, the motherfucking Mo City don
Sending this out to Ron fuck you
Like my nigga mafiosos, you feel me
Fuck all of y`all man, it go down
S.U.C. for life, R.I.P. Robert Davis
A.k.a Dj Screw this for you my nigga
Yeah this for you

Everybody know me I`m the number one head buster
With a 4 pound glock ready to make the lead touch you
Cause I shine like a 75 watt light bulb
And if you cross over the line, then I might strike you
I`m going grey, even though a nigga ball everyday
Covered in ice, but ice can`t take my problems away
But it sure feel good to know that I can blow twenties
Z-Ro a money making machine dollars no pennies
Nigga please, it`s me and my niggas my fucking g`s
R.I.P. to Robert Davis on a fresh set of 3`s
S.U.C. to the finish I`m going out with my men
With a grenade in my hand I`m comig out with the pin
It`ll never be another Screw, kill that drama
That was a man not the music, you can ask his mama
I`ma mourn you, till I join you, up in heaven
Mean while, I`m retarded with this ak47 and uh

[Chorus x2]
R.I.P., I be forever repping S.U.C.
Until a nigga get to the tenth time
Mash on the gas and I won`t stop, baby

What you know about the dirty south, the dirty fucking third
Nigga fuck what you heard, D.P. on the corner rock for rocking a bird
Here we had it pimping in Cheves and Testerosas
Ro you only got two choices roll with us or get rolled over
Giving a cold shoulder to them 5-O
No liscense plate no registration smoking pino
My nigga we some boss hogs one car taking up all four lanes
Come at me wrong, I`ma have you taking off all your vains
No plexing in Houston Texas got to the green leaving you breathless
Ak`d up your chest nothing but a memory about breakfast
So break fast, with your frosted and fake ass
This ain`t the boot nigga this H-Town we`ll take your cash
Niggas come against me, but get they ass out
Seem like when I cut on the lights all the roaches scat
And then I let go, because these haters in the way
I`m trying to get stacks taller than Antou Sensi

[Chorus x2]

24/7 a nigga be out on the cut
Don`t got to hustle no more, but I just can`t give it up
Dropping niggas where they standing, with my man tanning
You don`t want to box a geurilla these hands steady be landing over and over
Breaking up your gaurd, nigga fuck what you`ve been going thorugh
Cause you`s about to take it up with god
Not a violent nigga, I`m a silent nigga
But if you push my button I`ll pull my ultra violet nigga
And watch you shrivel up like salt to a snail
Better keep it under your breath
if you beefing I read these bitch niggas like braile
I`m a soldier, and I`m united by the cash
Feeling to move on because I`ve been indicted by the tash
But I ain`t gone run from it, I`ma ball in public
When they run up on me pull my strap and ask them how they love it
Kamakaze on you son of a bitches, I`m signing off
Mean while I`m still in the trunk, knocking the lining off and uh

[Chorus x2]

[Z-Ro talking]
First and Foremost, Z-Ro the crooked, what`s up
Hollering at all my real niggas, like I always do
Feel me, R.I.P. Dj Screw, feel me
To all you fake ass niggas holding plex
Hold this dick in your mouth, know I`m saying
All that riff-raff, all you sherry temple ass niggas
Y`all gone feel me, 2k2, I don`t give a fuck where you at
I don`t give a fuck where you from, know I`m saying
Better get back nigga, H-Town on lock

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