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Friends & Foes


Where would I be without rap? Nobody really knowsMe and Gregg was sharin` clothes, but we weren`t really bros
We was tryna impress them hoes, kept us on our toes
I had 25 in high school, like I`m Derrick Rose
I had a Glock when I met Pistol P, that`s on my soul
Hat always cocked back to the left `cause I grew up with the moes
And I was thuggin` hard with shawty like I`m one of the fours
I had some shootouts with my bro `n` `em, I had to give it and go

Shit got hot, we starstruck most of `em
Still got one of the old ones though
Might hang that bitch in a frame for show
That`s the one that my big bro used to do
We ain`t learn how to blow on no range, no
Pop out, flame out the Wrangler door
Might could`ve blew out my brains, though
Niggas mustn`t got no aim no more

Niggas left me in the rain some more
I found some gold in the rainbow though
They say I got money and changed the most
Please don`t forget I`m still dangerous, though
Still I walk up on a stranger, though
Gangster shit run in my veins for sure
I wanna change `em, though
Know how to channel my anger, though

Oh, we ain`t gone save `em, no
Where his hood at? We gon` name him, though
Oh, yeah, I`m famous, so?
None of my killers want payment, though
Oh, we ain`t `posed to be bangin`, no
Me and my niggas, we hangin`, though
Oh, I don`t wanna be slangin` dope
This pistol don`t ever stop rangin`, though

Ayy, I don`t panic
Whips be panoramic
I was sellin` dope at my granny`s
Xanny`s, yeah, I need a Grammy, oh
Need another big ass mansion, uh
Big yard, big ass hammock, uh
Wrist all wet, Atlantic
Bitch, it`s big bucks, no whammies

My bitch need attention, she bad as fuck
And she got lips like Angela
You know a young nigga done ran it up
Damn, I could buy her a phantom, huh?
Where that come from? That was random, huh?
Die for respect, I demand it
I was very broke, now I`m rich, can`t stand it
Tell me why niggas hate Randy

G Herbo, fuck niggas can`t stand me, huh
Worth a couple mil`, I`m branded, uh
Special nigga `cause I`m left handed, huh
Niggas namin` shit, I had it
I ran through that sack like I must`ve forgot it
I helped niggas out when I should`ve bought a Patek
They sneak diss a lot, but they don`t want no static
You savages should be no rumor, you ratted

I bought my first pipe, cuzzo said I could have it
At G Fazo house, me and fair in the attic
Kay Fazo was here, used to sit and imagine
Then pull on they block just to shoot what we averagin`

Ladders and horses and carriages, you know we clappin` shit
Opps, we embarrass `em, ayy
We ain`t gon` hop out no caravan, ayy
Foenem might fire up yo` cameraman, ayy

Real street niggas I represent
Long live Bapo and Hellabands
Ain`t nothin` but trappers and bappers in here
Who the fuck let all these rappers in?
We ain`t with none of that chitchat, uh-uh
You ain`t never hear no click-clack
Shawty `n` `em ready to kidnap somethin`
Send his arm home in a gift wrap for `em

Push a nigga shit back some
Homie `n` `em might want some get-back for `em
We finna slide tonight
Heard his homie `n` `em tryna have a kickback for `em
Broskie the driver, got my window rolled down in the rear back some
Just havin` fun, that`s the type of shit I did, I was young

I shed a tear for my young, nigga, I kill for my son
And before I met him, I was numb
Let a nigga feel my drum
A lot of niggas think I`m dumb
I`ma just let `em think what they want
They probably think I`m a punk
Niggas probably really think I ain`t gon` dump

I`m the type to let `em front
Leave a nigga ass all in a nameless slump
After I feed a nigga hollow tips, I need a blunt
Sick and tired of smokin` all this gelato, shit, I need some Runtz
Finna get another 150 charm real quick, I need a fun

40 thousand go out every first of the month
Just for livin`, always been that nigga, so you never could front
Just be consistent
Pulled up on flexin` shit, like, "Yeah, bitch, we did it"
Out of these digits
Naw, not that, that`s just a lil` million
Uh, uh

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