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When I first saw youI never thought I would love youAt all, or at least as I do nowI don’t know when it happened or howWhen we were best friends, all we did was hang out, laugh, and jokeNever did I stutter, or chokeUntil just this year, I don’t know whyI became extremely shyI look at you and look awayFor I don’t know what to sayNow it’s the last day of schoolEveryone thinks this day is so coolBut not for meFor it is today, that I see[Friends lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]How dumb I’m being, actingWhile I’m hiding, last year we’d be talkingThe last day, last year,You said goodbye, and now we’re hereWill it ever be the same?Will we ever just sit and talk, it used to be that wayNow I’m not sure it can come to beFor I am no longer the old meI am shy, I am weakSeemed to have broken my good-girl streakThe thing that keeps me going everydayIs that you look past all that and see me, the old wayYou see me, and I see you, what’s the problem, then?I don’t know, but I want to be the best friends we used to be

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