Karelia - From My Windown Lyrics

From My Windown

Look at that jerk hangin'on his phone
Look at that gay, ridiculous he's
Roaming around
Look at that junkie with exhausted veins
Look at the nigger, released n'free from
His chains
Look at that mess, look at all these
Lookin'down from my window to the square
I enjoy the wally's fair
I'd like to join them but I don't even dare
Look at that bitch, showin'off her tits
I'm gonna grab her ass n'fuck until I break her hips
Look at her man, proud as a peacock, shinin'bright
Look at their outward bliss
The way they display simple smile
From here I see any kind of crap
I won't rise to fame nor catch the girls
I'm out of touch, don't play the game
I withdraw to new positions
... The foetal one in such a case

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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