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Frosted Avowals

Bring me the sunCold, cold kingdom of iceBring me the sunI made a kingdom in wich i am the kingThe king of ice and frozen drops of emotionsI made a rampart, a chilling shieldOnce protection, now just a cruel isolationFrosted avowalsSad revelations through the iceFrosted avowalsSad revelations through the iceNo love can penetrate my icy fortitudeNow i have to declare my painful solitudeI made a realm in which i became a slaveMy frosted eyes are dropping their tears in darknessMy heart is cold, for love i craveBreak the ice, heat me with a warm caressCold, cold kingdom of iceBring me the sunCold, cold kingdom of iceBring me the sunBring me the sun
Obliveon Frosted Avowals

Date Added: 2007-12-14
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