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Fuck Tha Flo

Feat. Busta Rhymes

(Hook x5)
Fuck tha flow

(Verse: Soulja Boy)
I see a cuttie look at my glasses
I'm schooling, you takin' these classes
She and her friends, she come to my palace
And get slaps all over her asses
Ocean gang, we splashin'
You get money? We get it the fastest
There's no way you can possibly match us
Asian girls all ova my matrice
No, nigga, you can't have this, matter of fact, fuck tha flo, nigga
I'm ready for that action, and your last bitch was a gold digger
Tired of you old niggas, so it's time that I show oh
Thirty minutes, one city, my concert was sold out

(Hook x5)
Fuck tha flow

(Verse: Busta Rhymes)
Aye, watch that flow, motherfucker betta cut that comb
Son ash broke, y'all can't cope
Everytime we come thru, y'all niggas know our shit dope
When I grind, I kill niggas everytime, my shit flows
Despite the questions, bitch, I've got all the answers
Lemme come and smack all you little niggas that don't have enough manners
The boss said so, everybody knows I must get dough
And I only fuck with boss bitches, fuck them hoes
Yeah, when I run up in the spot with a snapback loafs
And Biggie's laying down at Ace King, block jack roll
Diamonds in the count, and money betta shut that dough
I hope you ain't watchin' my way, nigga, fuck that flo'

(Verse: Soulja Boy)
Girl, you makin' these nice moves, ain't even tryna get right
You see, the X dudes still like you, that's why dudes still tryna fight you
Dance in this bitch, girl, hump like you mad
Niggas watchin' like police, baby, tell 'em, shawty, that bad
Drastic, work that hsit, with yo friends
Drop that shit, you ad I yo friends
Crush that ice, make it snow
I can't be mad, fo' fuck that flo'

(Hook x5)
Fuck tha flow

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