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Full Alert

[Intro: Jon Geezy]
9 times out of 10 I'ma win
But if I slip up one more time
My ass heading straight back to the pen
Come on, let's go

[Hook x2: Jon Geezy]
9 times out of 10 I might win
But if I slip up one more time, my niggas to the pen
I'm on full alert
I'm on full alert
I'm on full alert
Why I'm on full alert

[Verse 1: Jon Geezy]
I'm on full alert, 40 cocked, stay focus
[?] with no holster
My pistol pop any second just like a old toaster
Strangers try to ask for the time, they get the cold shoulder
Been in war in my hood, call me a old soldier
Three other soldiers went down, don't think the war was over
I don't believe in leprechauns and four leaf clovers
Premonitions and niggas snitching is all over
What would you do when you live for a 100 pounds of doja
And they kidnap your homie because they know we told you
Paranoid with no sleep, the coffee cups will fold you
Homie I stay alert, hate to say I told you

[Hook: Jon Geezy]

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Niggas hating on me, turning steak on me
Saying that I'm flipping bricks, getting more money
I got plenty hoes, I got plenty cars
I got plenty more shit you ain't seen bruh
That's why you niggas snitching, telling 'bout my business
I'm about to buck you with this 40 Glock
I stay on full alert, I be on full alert
You niggas keep up with this snitching, you gon' get murked
Or get kidnapped, get shot through the back door
In the back of a truck nigga, that on that
They found the body in the river, mane, fuck that nigga
Cause anybody come talking playing, I'ma kill 'em

[Hook: Jon Geezy]

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