Givenchy James - Games Lyrics


You be playing games , i don't play them games / i just shot my shot like i'm in the range /you be there for them they don't be the same / watch them niggas switch watch them bitches change / still can't get the bigger picture just a different frame / yeah i fw swishers but i love them games / u better hurry before them numbers change / my iphone blowin up when that money ring...

I don't like cheap shit i rock designer things, yeah i'm married to money with a diamond ring / these hoes want comments and likes i want the finer things, my x b stalking all my social tryna find some things/ flex up ketchup u mustard been slow/ i ain't nun but a playa , ain't no simp hoe / i ran up all my money need a pent house , yo bitch she tryna fuck cus she a nimfo/
Moe just called me for the lick like what is hittin for, when you thuggin in these streets don't give out info/ just stay solid b, that's how it oughta b... i'm with the fnf gang that's fuck nigga free


Jewelry dripping like some water i got diamonds from the sink, i been running from the janks, i been running from the pigs, ima smoke ya like cig ima smoke ya with the k, why these niggas wannahate i cant never get a break/ why these bitches wanna play , save them games for a lame / lil shawty wanna be main ain't taking yaout on dates / been jumped up off the porch stomping ground all 50 states / mix givenchy with bape , spend some bands on yo bae / and i'm tripping in these foreigns cause they come with out a lace / and i'm dripping i'm not pouring eat it up and get a taste/ drinkin bottle after bottle no i do not need a chase, fuckin with the family fuck around and get erased....

Date Added: 2018-04-09
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