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Gangsta Boogie

[Verse 1]
I know we starving in the hood
We party in the hood
Sip kool-aid and Bacardi in the hood
Only one problem in the hood
Bus trips out west, damn the kid's hardly in the hood
We move ready in the hood
We heavy in the hood
Illegal two-ways and celly's in the hood
Come thru the block bumping Nelly in the hood
Like Unduly Unduly Mami E.I.
What's popping tonight
Mami looking proper and tight
Parking lot pimping, black sock on the flight
Y'all know how we do chicks in the hood
House party style yelling SWITCH in the hood
It ain't hard to get rich in the hood
No credit don't sweat it, we got Sprint in the hood
And these chicks is insane, they put they lips on the grain
No blinkers when I'm dipping thru lanes
Vegas is back, watch them start forgetting your name
Don't care about broad I pimp em the same
They keep begging me to stay 'till the morn
But it came to me like my favorite B. I. G. song
*plays short clip of B. I. G. song*
And if y'all know it then y'all all sing along
Get the bitch, get the pussy, get the math I'm gone

This is for my gangsta's and gangsta chicks
And all my gangsta cliques
It don't matter what set you claim, just respect the game
And party to this gangsta shit

[Verse 2]
When it comes to relationships, Vegas is very horrible
Let me explain a few things the young broad'll do
Promise you the universe, only give you a star or two
Once he got your mind, he don't give a shit about your heart or you
Most chicks thinks all it takes is a lie to hear
And the hottest gear, to earn their dollars here
Let me stop you there
They get comfortable, I take them on my favorite date shop and stare
Cause while I shop they watch and stare
And please don't comment on the watch my dear
I got a lot of gear
Parda down to Roc-A-Wear
Plus I dress better than most of these niggas' closet there
I could pull up to a packed strip, in a crashed whip
And still bag the baddest bad bitch
Take her to Flagship and give her X and grape goose
Hood rats say Vegas and the models say Bruce


[Verse 3]
I had one gangsta chick, the rest was nutty
Ma if your head proper, I'll take you to Red Lobster
And let you get 45 shrimp instead of 30
Her head was nervy, I jetted on birdie
They wanna go on dates with me
Key to my empire so of course they skate with me
They wanna pay they respect to the late great with me
Kendal Jackson, in front of lakes with me
They wanna eat cheesecakes and Welches grapes with me
They wanna go half on a... and stay with me
I done shouting at hoes, cause I could talk on
East coast shake it up, West Coast get your walk on

Ali Vegas Gangsta Boogie

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