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*samples Capone-N-Noreaga - Invincible from album "The Reunion"*

The invincible untouchable Ali Vegas y'all
You ain' ain't ready yet
The invincible untouchable Sleepy Eyes
You ain' ain't ready yet

[Ali Vegas]
Ayo it's a stick up
Y'all know how the game go
Cop the milk trucks and fuck the Range Rove
We stained those game hoes, and spit at same flows
Leave D's in they clean clothes with they brain exposed
Explain to foes that diamond is what I seek to do
My rhymes is more electrifying than Pikachu
Poke'mon, hoes stroke the don in every town
Fuck Cristal, my team sip very fine Welches grape
Before rap I delt with niggas that delt with 8's
Heavy not welter weight
We could bust gats
Y'all gotta cut crack to touch stacks
I rather bust raps
What black, y'all bust at me I bust back
Throw your middle fingers up and yell fuck that (Fuck That!)
We all know that I could drench yo crew
And Vegas and his Wolves is invincible
So what y'all want?


[Ali Vegas]
Ayo Vegas leave niggas sitting scared in they homes
Let a flare from the chrome that'll tear thru yo dome
My raps is more exclusives than a pair of new foams
Everybody know suicide is what I really condone
Don't want nobody in the hood swearing on tone
B.I.G. was the king of NY and I am here to heir the throne
Fuck who's the realist MC, cause I'm the livest one
Y'all Jordan, Magic, & Bird and I'm Iverson
Got no respect for the best of them
Can't be checked by the rest of them
That's why I neglected them
All drama I'm addressing them
Fuck the refs and them
I know me and team be vexin' them
They know my Wolves deserving
What happen when we start splurgin
Come thru yo block swerving in two Serbians
Back to back blue Excretions
Yeah my team need the benefit, cause we put the work in


[Sleepy Eyes]
Sleep is like a soldier at war, explosive and raw
Squeeze the black toaster you fall
And leave yo back broke with yo jaw
Mr. Pick Yo Lock And Open Your Door
Hit yo spot at 6 o'clock in front the grocery store
Speaking the slang loudly
Floss braids proudly with suede Ballys
Remain rowdy with guns that'll keep my brain cloudy
Bang like a gang rally as the earth is twisting
Burn the insect, liquor burned my system
Rapping was my third addiction
Never preferred to listen
Serving chickens
Living where civilians and innocent children turn to victims
Trying earn a living, I'd rather drop some words of wisdom
Took the urban rhythm, poetry mixed with journalism
Who wanna harm me?
I'm equpited enough to rip your arm piece
Squeeze, them clips breeze like leaves on plam trees
Sick with it, spit lyrics that grip spirits
Made of art, fuck a turn it to posion cause the kids hear it


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