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She (Melody & Lyric)

[Ali Vegas-Verse 1]
Before Ali became a don and gave his arm to melody
He swore to never set her free
He tricked on her, to get on her
Even let his click spit on her
Lyric tried to warn her, the more she wondered the more she confused her
The more she loved him the more he abused her
She introduced him into the trifest game, she even iced his chain
Who would've thought his life would change
The split second melody chose to give him twice his fame
Vegas was six when he first met her, ever since then he thirst cheddar
It was like God broke off his birth to inherit the earth
He would talk to her smoothly and others would cruse
It was time for the youngster to speak
She told him to stop running the streets and never loose his hunger for beats
Make her number one and she guaranteed to place Ali Vegas amongst the elite

[Ali Vegas-Verse 2]
Together they had to game sown
Did a few street promos to get his name known
She said she know a few cats that seen dough
She thought them the difference between dough fats and primos
It's like telling a saint from healer, them two make the most distinctive mixture
He would tell her stories and she would paint the picture
They made the most flagrant scriptures
Everyday they met with A (AZ) and Nas
In the studios he spit the most amazing bars
Melody and lyric could really take him far
All they needed was a technician, that was they next mission
To find a producer that had the best vision
It's because of her he take vacation a choice
Engineers'll pull strings to play with the bass and the voice
She should him things that most would never get to see
I won't get rid of you, until you get rid of me

[Ali Vegas-Verse 3]
Yo Vegas felt it was time he put her under the wing
Take her places, show her things the average girl ain't never seen
Before he said "I do" and handed her that ring
All he needed was to know some things
If he was to die today would you cry for him?
If he was to be questioned by Jake's would she have an ably for him?
Would she take the stand knowing she had to lie for him?
Baby girl are you down to die for him?
If you down then we down for life
We could hold our heads up high and show up our crowns of ice
I know some people say never say never
But I'ma say I'll never leave you we together forever
Ali Vegas She (Melody & Lyric)

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