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I'm wandering through desert realms
Tired embryo after my gene.sys
Autoexec of existence
Surface with zero albedo percentage

Evolution in fast forward
Where pollution reigns supreme
Slow destruction of my feelings
Lost inside my alien dreams

Gene.sys control panel
Asphalt colonized
Embalmed in my chrome shell
Just a newborn who wants to die
Gene.sys control panel
Asphalt colonized
Who knows the logarithm of life
In a sad emoticon turned my smile

The photophobic atmosphere
All my weakness has revealed
I need adrenaline in my hardware
But I can't locate the remote server

The impact of a daybreak
Caustic as a distant space crash
Disconnection in the summer smog
For my fetus in a furnace ozone - alone

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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