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Get Busy

Now it’s the time
That you make your way to the floor
Show them what is for
Cause I go on

Go Saigon
Get busy
Yo … get busy
Go get them
Get busy
Get get busy

I used to walk up town to see Mario
That made so more blow than the young …
From .. to Granada I ain’t carry …
You made us know all over the barrier
Cause .. Luigi was a real nigger
He took mushrooms they used to make the .. bigger
His job was to pick up the shit like a …
One day they hit Mario on a jack
Tell him they had his bitch
Want a hundred .. to get her back
He took it: what kind of shit is that?
This ain’t a video game lame
We’re gonna go .. the tack
He let us figure it when he took a drag .. smoke
What this is it? He burns a whole in a ransom note
Then we wrote with ease and a lot of poke
Yo you must really want one of this in your …
He said let my bitch go and see me
Somebody won’t be breathing

Cause I’m gonna call Lizy
And Lizy gonna call Diddy
Diddy gonna get busy


I get busy like the mother fucker Sean Paul
You’re damn right about your boys
Ain’t nothing but a .. hore
So niggers.. you were called …
Lord have mercy on my folks
Cause I can get these niggers killed with my eyes closed
God knows I’m a gangsta to the ..
I’m very familiar I’m not a stranger to the war
.. I’ll do an old school dance like a …
Soon as I hear this beat it’s like it’s automatic
I get busy
Spin around niggers get busy
Let’s get it you can deny
Get busy


I get up go to the bathroom
Move my …
I’m about to shower use the …
Bitching me I have a new …
I’m not spelling a word
Now use the vowels
This game ain’t easy
Instead of wining I got to get rid of these ..
Told the world that I’m so sick with the …
Watch out for the blog cause nigger is a …
Attention all heaters get on your boy dick
Tell your bitch she come in
She can play on my joystick
Up up down down
Left right left right
But that’s a whole another game
So when I’m done with you ..
I dissolve my card disappear in the dark
But I stay calm oups I’m in a Range Rover
That game’s over

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