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Get Down

You're the one for meYou're my ecstasyYou're the one I needChorusGet downGet downAnd move it all around(x2)Hey baby love I need a girl like youBut tell me if you feel it tooI'm in delusion every minute every hourMy heart is calling out for youBridgeI feel in heaven when I look in your eyesI know that you are the one for me(one for me)You drive me crazy 'cause you're one of a kindI want your lovin'And I want it right nowChorus (x2)RefrainOoh baby you're so fineI'm gonna make you mineYour lips they taste so sweetYou're the one for meYou're my ecstasy[Get Down lyrics on]You're the one I needRap: smooth t.Bang, bang, bangHere we comeHere we slamIt's the fun factoryWith the bsb'sYo you girlsGet on your kneesTryin' to screamOr touch me pleaseBackstreet boysAre you with it(yeah)A.j hit it!Come on girl and get downSmack it upFlip itAnd move it all aroundHere it is if you wanna get with thisPut you at the top of my listBridgeChorusRefrainChorus

Date Added: 2007-08-04
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