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Gettin Dough

[Hook: Soulja Boy]
Yous a broke ass nigga, god damn nigga what you know
Run up on me with that fuck shit, I'ma let it blow
Niggas talking with that fuck shit, they don't even know
I be getting to this mothafucking money, getting dough
Getting dough (x2)
Getting to this mothafucking money, I been getting dough
Getting dough
Nigga I've been getting dough
Getting to this mothafucking money, I been getting dough

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
God damn, I like the way she shake it
Drop that ass down coem and fuck with me baby
Riding through the city in my Mercedes
I fuck that bitch now she gone crazy
Hit it from the back with this dope dick (x3)
Fuck her all night now she hooked on this dope dick


[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
Fuck nigga you can't stand with me
Can't fuck with me on my family
Riding round town, and she suck me up
I be getting money
Niggas look like what the fuck
Rich gang, rich gang, soulja montana
Cop the brand new condo and bought [?}
I be getting money since they let me in the slammer
If you run up on me wrong I'ma hit you with the hammer


[Verse 3: Paul Allen]
Its PA, I'm feeling like Paul Wall
[?] I'm bout to kill all y'all
In the game and I ball like [?}
Kick his ass [?] now I need that hairy frog
Getting dough, yeah a nigga getting dough
I'm standing on the block, [?] snow
Finesse kid, came up flipping [?]
I'm flipping brick, kick yo door and run up in yo hoe


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