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Ghost Dope

[Hook x2]
Ghost dope, ghost dope, them Feds coming cut throat
Ghost dope, ghost dope, them Feds coming cut throat
You didn't catch me with no blow and I don't own no triple beams
And how you gonna charge me for some dope
That I ain't touched or that I ain't seen

[Verse 1]
I knew a thug that had a plug straight outta South Memphis
But he a drug habit, he couldn't stop sniffing
I had my goons meet him, ready to buy 'bout 20 bricks
Bring the summer time, ooh, I'm 'bout to make a lick
Just like always man we had to check the dope
And he said, "It's all good, man you know we folks"
One of my goons called "J man this nigga tripping
I see about 50 pillows but the other 5 missing
And this nigga nose draining like a waterfall
I'm 'bout to get what I can get and make his heart pause"
Just before I can get this nigga to calm down
I hear a "Freeze" and some shooting in the background

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
This shit was on the news, the Feds busted all my goons
The nigga with the plug habit working with them fools
Packing all my shit I heard some knocks at my front door
"Come out with your hands up", so now I'm on the floor
It's about to go down, they kicked the doors down
Guns at my head, U.S. Marshals all around
Tearing up my place, nothing never was found
It's in the shotgun house, somewhere in Orange Mound
Interrogation they kept asking me my tele-code
If I don't tell 'em nothing I'll get life with no parole
But I don't snitch, hope you niggas know the business
The wire taps is what they got but no witness

[Hook x2]

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