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Gimmie My Respect

Had to muhfuckin` turn the muhfuckin` light off
That`s what I had to do
Uh-huh (Uh-huh, uh-huh)30, you a fool for this one
You can turn the headphones up

Slime (Slime)
The whole gang slime (Slime)
Pull up a sauna, I`m fine (Fine)
Reach in the bag, grab the iron (Bop, bop, bop, bop)
Still rock the ice when I`m flyin`, uh (Ice)
If she ain`t fuckin`, she spyin` (Fuckin`)
Niggas be hatin` on gang (Gang)
Really just sound like they cryin` (Bitch)
These niggas bit on the cap (Bitch)
Carl Ripley`s, I think they lyin` (Cap)
These old niggas gettin` washed (Huh)
They can buy every new watch (Mhm)
It still wouldn`t buy `em more time (Gang)
I pick the drip, you get slimed, huh (Drip)
Don`t make the gang do a crime, huh (Drip)
Get em` on cam like a Vine, huh (Drip)

Yeah nigga, you know what the fuck goin` on
Niggas keep forgetting about who
Niggas keep forgetting about who goddamn
Started this muhfuckin` new wave shit, bruh
Come on, man, give my respect, bitch

Yeah, smokin` like hickory (Hick)
Stay with the stick for the trickery (Stick)
Pay my respect to keep taking the victories
Freddy went missin`, that shit was a mystery
Caught me a vibe, yeah a negative energy
Don`t be upset that I called you a mini-me
Keep me a Uzi, that shit be the minigun
Hunnid round clips, pop it right in the Tommy gun
My niggas shoot, they don`t do the octagon, yup
Spider drop out like Decepticon (Bitch)
Right at your crib while you`re eatin` dinner (Bah)
Dressed in a mask like it`s Comic Con (Ho)
Twelve came in the hotel room (Hoo)
I like to sleep with the palms (Shit)
Nut fill up to her gums (Shit)
All in her stomach like Tums (Shit)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said what I said
And I`m a eight-figure, muhfuckin` twenty-one year old millionaire
Ain`t got no kids either
Ain`t no bitch gon` trick me out my dollar
Ain`t takin` care of none of these dry-hair bitches with kids, nigga

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