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Glock Stay Cocked

Aim, freeze
The Glock stay cocked
Aim, freeze
The Glock stay cocked
Aim, freeze
The Glock stay cocked

I put that on my life
My hoe, my BG's in training
Fleeing from the DT's
My street getting strangled
When I'm hungry gotta have it
So the heaters don't go crazy
You know Travis, that's my nigga
You can miss me with that hating
Knowing life ain't nothing easy
So I keep one in the chamber
Be with Beezy you know me
You got a gangster
Stole my quarter bird
So I don’t reason with you fakers
Ran up on the D’s
And showed my teeth
And got to banging

My momma know I’m gutter
My momma know I’m strapped
She know I killed the kid
In case they try to murder back

She know Christina and Alicia
Keep my dirty gats
She know you take a shot at me
I’m sending thirty back

Gates on the muscle
Got base for a customer
Wait while I shuffle
So my cake on the up and up

I fuck with silent niggers
Hoping that they tell the truth to me
People pointing the finger
Based on how a nigga used to be


For my protection
Imma squeeze the fifth
Not just where my fingers at
Niggers know my altercation
Basic where I see it at
Badger me with questions
I don’t answer that
Don’t believe in that

Claim that you supposed to know
But ask me where I keep it in
My team like a silencer
? to get my business handled

Dirty urine samples
Got remained and had to go to jail
Money make my lawyer fight
Reduction got me out on bail

Gates be like fuck the parish
Grind up to the red light
We get apprehended
District send us to the fed life

Only words of wisdom
If you sleeping it ain’t bed time
Now I’m drinking water
But my kidneys trying to piss it off
Niggas with that snitching
Get that issue when we pick em off

I can’t comprehend
You talkin reckless on that cellular
Life is too depressin
To be stressin on the regular

Disconnect my chirp
My cousin out in Tennessee
Standing on the block
With ? I could sip a lot of lean

I could sip a lot of lean (repeat 8x)


[Verse 3]

I just adjusted to the pressure
When your people always help you out
Niggas was your niggas
Would they really try an sell you out

Show you what my mail about
My album on a later date
Confessions of a casualty
Turn around on labor day

Now I’m out here every day
On a grind slangin yay
Serious bout my Benjamins
Will stick you all in your face

Fresh in my white t
Licking on my white teeth
Fed it through my avenue
Similar to Spike Lee

You could do the right thing
Or get hit with the night beam
Any disrespecting with my weapon
Imma slang a few
Binocular precision with the Smith n
When I aim at you

God answers prays
Always knew that I’d get straight
Even as a child
Watching Jenny Jones and Rikki Lake
Been about that action
Got a scratching for a bigger plate

Bitter with the sweet circumstances
Made be better
Learned to drop my nuts
Through taking chances made me cheddar

[Gates talking]
You see what the fuck I be talkin about
Nigga can’t even support they drug habit
But you know my drug habit
Be more than some of you niggas rent
You know what I’m saying get it right
Keep Gates name in your mouth
Emma bat the fuck out you


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