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Goin Hard

jumped inside the shower
i get stupid fresh
turn ma swag on wit the ice on ma neck
call up miami ma ya thats a bet
now we headed to the club wit them stacks on deck

im in the club goin hard(hard)
goin hard(hard)
goin hard (x2)
im in the club

hopped up in ma lambo
thats that stupid whip(whip)
got the rims on it(on it)
wit the body kit
man im so stupid fresh(fresh) so stupid clean(clean)
go ma yaws on(yaws on)
with the gucci jeans(jeans)
or them coogi jeans fresh from head to toe(toe)
wen i walk inside the club u should already kno
s.o.d. money gang(gang)
give me another chain(chain)
im in the clud screamin
chang-a-lang chang-a-lang chang-a-lang chang-a-lang


man i got so much swag
man i got so much swag
walking inside the 5ths plaza leaving out with shopping bags
leaving out with shopping bags
leaving out with shopping bags
gucci chain wit the watch mane
they hit me for the tar rag
hit me for the tar rag
ATL shawty ATL shawty
in the club wit a loud bag
car so fly man ma swag need a potty
dougie doe and hammer mane
ma twins super stylin


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