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Gold on Deck

Young Lo, Lil Quis, Soulja Boy, Hitman (?) God, Black Jesus
(Shout out to my nigga Young Lo man)

Gold on deck, Gold on deck bitch
Gold on deck, Gold on deck nigga
Gold on deck, Gold on deck bitch
Gold on deck

[Verse 1]
Got 12 gold bars, Bitch im a superstar
Riding in that white Bentley, Its my super car
Riding with that yellow bitch I dick her down with super D
Then she give me super head, Fuck around and flip the switch
I came out the water, My Rain (Reign) like New Orleans
Niggas think they fucking with me I place the order
Glock on my shoulder, I swag like how I supposed to
Gold on deck, Money sitting on a shoulder
Nigga im so tatted up, Nigga im so swaggin
When I drop Work remix like whats happening
Ready for the action, Gold not platinum
Fuck what you heard im that nigga in the trap man
(?) apartments, We shooting in the darkness
Everywhere I go man im looking like a goblin
I gotta make a profit, (?)
Young Dre, AKA get that money off me

[Pre Chorus]
Gold on deck, Everywhere I go nigga
Gold on deck, When im in the store nigga
Gold on deck, Fuck what you heard nigga
Gold on deck, Nigga gold on deck

Gold on deck, Gold on deck bitch
Gold on deck, Gold on deck nigga
Gold on deck, Gold on deck bitch
Gold on deck

[Verse 2]
Nigga im the one, You dont want no problems
I'll fuck around and call a hit man he'll solve it
Ocean Gang mobbin, Ocean Gang splashin
I came out the water, Im ready for the action
Man im so swagged up, You niggas cannot feel it
Im pretty boy mobbin, Dont make me... (Shhhh)
Dont make me catch a murder case, Im feeling like i want to
Riding through my hood, Man I'm toting on that Pump too
Young Dre tell that nigga he could get jumped too
Real ill shit, I Got the whole hood on beast mode
Swag out the East Coast, Swag to the West Coast
Get your baby mamma and I fuck her with the best stroke
I fuck with the young niggas, Yeah we on that young nigga shit
Gold on deck, Yeah this that young nigga clique
All my niggas represent, In your motherfucking trap
And im riding through the hood, With that pistol in my lap
And they want me to go but I would never sell my soul
And you ain't ever heard about that gold
Gold on deck, We put a 100 and 4 more
Man a pound of that drough, Meet me at the gold store

Gold on deck, Gold on deck bitch
Gold on deck, Gold on deck nigga
Gold on deck, Gold on deck bitch
Gold on deck

[Verse 3]
Nigga what you talkin, I been getting money
Came out the water, My whole clique stunting
Young nigga jumping, Fuck what he talking
Disrespect Black Jesus that pistol coming off me
Lil Dre, I walk around Fendi on that (?)
Everywhere I go they saying Soulja you a problem
Gold in my Wallet, I ain't talking cake tho
Young nigga shit, Bitch I post up by LA tho
Bitch pump your brake tho, My whole clique realer
Gold mouth shawty so you know im gold grilling
Chain worth a million, Gold to the ceiling
Nigga when I die imma be worth bout a trillion
I meant a 100 zillion, Man my life is priceless
Riding through my hood and my ice is the whitest
Fuck what you heard, (?) My price is the rightest
Add another decimal, Chain like a (?)
Chain is incredible, As it is, Old on my schedule
So many hoes getting fucked on the regular

This that motherfucking Gold on Deck Mixtape nigga
Im taking over everything, Bitch

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