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Golden Hour

I'm not your light, no

[Verse 1]
Lately, I've been stuck in a daydream
Dreamin' of days with no sunsets, mmm
Blue eyes, at the end of the daylight
Sendin' me shivers down my neck, mmm

Shadows dancin', hours passin'
Can't get you back, but I want you back, mmm
Summer treasures last forever
But memories fade to gray, mmm

We had our golden hour
Golden hour
Like diamonds on your face
Watchin' the sun go down on this hour
Golden hour
Golden hour
The best part of my day
Was watchin' the sun go down on this hour
[Verse 2]
The way that you shine, but I'm not your light
Your light no more
Let go, I gotta let go
I gotta lose you to get myself back, mmm, oh

Shadows dancin', hours passin'

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