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Gone 2015

Can you play a beb-op? Beb-op?
Some kind of pause that goes on all the time you know
5, 4, 3, 2, watch it

[Verse 1: Pharoahe Monch]
My eyes have seen the light shine brightly on the other side twice
And each time it blinded me when it beamed it reminded me
Of dreams of God and Christ
The kind that I used to have when I was a teen
And I would twitch and blink and I would scream and switch
Whatever I was visualizing would fit into a split screen
Sort of a psychological device
On the right side God was black
On the other side Christ was white
God would spread his majestic wings
As wide as I could see towards the sky
And take flight so high that he would block the sun
And then he would return to Earth and look me
Directly in the eyes and ask me
What I already knew he would ask me, for spite
Would you be go once we gone
Let it resonate, get in tune with a tune like a tune fork
Let it breathe, let it live (talk to em!) let it reverberate

[Verse 2: Pharoahe Monch]
Black matter will live forever, Allah's [?] black
Black lives matter as a matter of fact
Black matter will live forever, Allah's [?] black
Black lives matter as a matter of fact
You all part of me, it's what you say, I'm a part of you
The universe is the body, the Earth is a beautiful molecule
Humans are simply atoms part of the God Particle
Vibrate and kinetic energy endlessly searching for solitude
I marvel like us, phenomenal artistry, equate longitude
Latitude and feel magnetic fields in my abdominal
An astri-al projected...
To discover that we're not home alone
I saw the stars are just genetic codes inside our chromosomes
Plus the moon is not made of provolone
Feel the undertone, check the overtones
Clueless the mass, confused the musical motor home
So I spit it in code and made a choice to walk global on
The God Particle, odd but logical
Not found on religious blogs in articles
The prodigle's like a message from the honorable
Elijah Muhammad in the form of a song
Well then I'm gone

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