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Good Ship Pablo Cruise

The good ship Pablo Cruise sailed through the straights of Rum Bay
And all on the crew was in search of the music that day
They landed on the beach where the cargo they found
Whole lotta different instruments
Just to mess around

Climb on board
The good ship Pablo Cruise
Climb on board
The good ship Pablo Cruise

They loaded up the cargo
And they turned the ship around
And through the wind from on the beach
They hear delightful sounds (ah - ah ha ha!)

All the brown-skinned ladies lined along the shore (oh de ladies man - lookin' good!)
Turned that ship around again
Do I have to say more?

[Repeat Chorus]
(Instrumental break)
(Yeah! That's nice!)

And all around the island
The people heard the sound
Tunniee beach was full of life (dancin' around)
Dancin' all around

They drank and sang and danced away
'Till time don't mean a thing (hic hic)
And as the sun went down on them
You could hear the people sing:

[Repeat Chorus x2]
(OK - play another one!)

[Repeat Chorus x2]
(OK - one more let's get it!)
(instrumental outro)

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