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Gotta Eat

(Chorus)Damnit I'm proud to buy my own bag of weedI found me a hoe to help plant my seedI got bail money they f**k with me(Cause in my hood err nigga gotta eat) x5 (Verse 1)I know where I come fromNiggas gotta grubPenny bitchin for paper till you poppin big bucksGive it a blow they cock it ain't no telling with them thugsDealers straight out da projects only felon that'll bustSome shit you don't discussSnitches they get them stubsDamnit I'm proud to buy my own bag to fill my dutchPlanted my own seed now a month without budGranted I got the feature we don't pump the same bloodYou need that new MercadesHummer tha color gravyHow the hell you gon play meI made a deal to 380Tell me I'm acting shadyI try to ignore the lazySay my grace on the dailyIf mine arrest me I'm ready(Chorus)(Verse 2)Gotta have that dinner platter meals on deckCash coming that currency to earn that respectMoney machines measuring making sure you collect[Gotta Eat lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Rolling that dice game you better be stomping bestKeep it moving like chessLook for ya new addressProof of ghetto for sexThat make the culprits go wreckHope the fay of the fruits of ya label mama impressDon't know whoever knew you supported you through the stressThat drama on the blockAll them run-ins with copsCouldn't afford shoes was happy 2 pair of socksSteady paying ya dues that landed you in the boxOther niggas confused you asked them to borrow guap.(Chorus)(Verse 3)Crying erryday ben franks on they brainPreparly marinate a million strong keep the changeChallenge that generate we gotta tone it with a craneHustlas for that bank be aware that we untamedDuckets we derangedMuscle the day I changeMelica off in that hood come get you that's point blankHit you it's all goodHit dis before a gameWomen tell us hes never survivin that chedar laneYou see we want it allYea we breakin the lawBuy it Sell it Cook it that's a merry thang if it's rawAnyway you put it tell the folks we breakin the lawSeen it so I took it and if you tell a nigga that's all

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