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Graffiti Wall

Once upon a time not long ago
When I was hardly known for the songs I wrote
Before "Kneecaps" and my laundry opus
Back when you wouldn't dare call me dope
I'd John Travolta up the avenue
Slap hands with every hand I knew
In the middle of June in phat farm sweats
Ankle elastics around my shins
Cypress Hill spinnin on my Walkman son
"Sawed off shotgun, palm on the pump"
Feelin like Real, Sen Dog and Muggs
But lookin like the white boy from All 4 One
And I swore on the moon and the stars
That I would soon be a star, nope
But I don't know that, disposable Kodak
Yo Enova, hold that

Now I'm posin in front of a graffiti wall
One hand on my chin, one hand on my balls
No smile on my laps
Smiling's for punanis kid
In front of a graffiti wall
One hand on my chin, one hand on my balls
I can see it all
Electric circus, Monica, Dior
Go, go, go (if you don't know you better ask somebody) {*3X*}
In front of a graffiti wall
One hand on my chin, one hand on my balls

Now I'm feelin myself
D-Sisive's got skills in the cypher, who knew?
Back then, my name was different
The nuisance, a/k/a Malicious
Peace, to my M City fam
Now back to ninety-six when the kid was damn
Manglin heads and dissin they byway shoes
And they Zellers, Wrangler denim
Fuckit, I'ma take the crown
From Richter, a/k/a Dwayne Brown
We battled after school
All I needed was a verse to assassin this dude
I came with the quickness flow
Bone Thugs double timin every syllable, oh
But not an oh at all
Tappin the mic, is this thing on?
Then Richter set it off with a couple bars
Disrespectin my flaws
Six bars later, he finished me off
With a line about me wearin Stitch's clothes
No, the whole crowd went off
Laughin at me in my South Pole in exhaust
Chattin to V and Tremaine, take me home
Tell me where did I go wrong?

Now I'm famous as fuck
Juno and Polaris dominate it like WHAT?!
I'm all up in the papers now
Much Music, heavy rotation now
So where's the drugs and the ladies, owww
Fuck it, I'll play it, out
Beatbox {*beatboxing*}

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