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Grannies Dustbin Lid

As I was climbing into bed at my Granny's side
I looked out the window the Brits they had arrived
The house was surrounded they smashed in the front door
They'd come to take away the lid of me Granny's bin

She opened up the window she clambered down the spout
Soon her bin was rattling to call the neighbours out
She took out her whistle and blew away like hell
And soon we heard an echo as her neighbours blew as

Scream bang shout
Rattle up a din
Let the soldiers know me girls
The Brits are coming in
Rattle up your bin lid
Beat the message out
Get up your rhythm going
Whistle bang shout

A soldier came up the stairs, a rifle in his hand
She kicked him with her button boots as down the hall
She ran
Up came another one his medal for to win
But all he got upon his knob was the lid of me granny's

The music rose like thunder as the bins and whistles
The army soon retreated they knew they'd overstayed
It wasn't made of silver it wasn't made of tin
But once again it saved us all, the lid of me granny's

The English have the radio, the telly and the press
To all sorts of fancy gadgets they've always had access
From Pettigo to Bellaghy from the Bone to Castlefin
The only way to spread the news is the lid of me
Granny's bin

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