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Grime Lord

[Hook: Frisco x2]
I'm a grime lord, I'm a grime lord
I'm a grime, I'm a grime lord, I'm a grime lord
I'm a, I'm a, I'mma grime lord, I'm a grime lord
I'm a grime, I'm a grime lord, I'm a grime lord

[Verse 1: Frisco]
Look straight up if you wanna know my direction
Creps, got a varied selection
MCs make the mistake
You tried it, now gotta make a correction
I ain't gotta pay for protection
I go hard - erection
Can't turn back, this ain't reversible
Straight up and down, I'm vertical
Man told me I can't fuck with his spirit
That's when it all got surgical
You can't fly on my plane, wrong terminal
You lickle vermin, try get a word in
Burning, my darg, everyone's murkable
Lose my top head, gone, convertible
Doctor won't be able to save you
Cause them injuries you got ain't nursable
Just know I've got good intention
They talk, I must get a mention
I'll say something wicked in my lyrics
Cause you know them kind of bars grab your attention
And cure comes after prevention
That means prevention's better than cure
Know that my hairline's better than yours
I'm a, I'm a grime lord, I'm a grime lord

[Hook: Frisco x2]

[Verse 2: D Double E]
Oh gosh, oh golly
I'm not a wasteman, I'm not a wally
Man can't push me around like trolley
I'll kick off his head with a PelГ© volley
Watch them spin around just like dolly
Man can't suck me, I'm not a lolly
Man can't rain on me, I've got a brolly
And I've got the game in the pocket like Polly
My head's screwed on, can't get it tighter
Future's bright and it's gonna get brighter
Man can't hold me down, I'm a fighter
Man can't disrespect, I'm a writer
From day one, I've never been a biter
I'm heavyweight, them man weigh lighter
I can see things from afar like sniper
I'll murk you anywhere on your cypher
I'm not a dickhead, I'm not a donut
Man will go nutty, man will go whole nut
I'm not a younger, I'm fully grown up
Try to diss, don't wanna own up
I'm aware, I'm fully focused
I've got the magic, hocus pocus
I'm live and them man are hopeless
Just know

[Hook: Frisco x2]

[Verse 3: Frisco]
I'm a grime head, grime lord
Been involved in a couple grime wars
You get signed and never do grime again
You're going against one of the first grime lords
I'm a grime lord, grime head
I wanna know who said grime's dead?
Let me educate, they must have never knew
Cuzzy'll go in to skengman mode, or-
I come through like what is it on, or-
Dun your dance, no encore, carry on
Acting tough and get a punch in your long jaw
You'll never be fly, you're a Concorde
I don't do intimidation
No fed ting, no incrimination
No I don't wanna chat to police
Cause I've got no love for the boy in them stations
Boy Better Know formation
True say we've got a hold of the nation
They wanna hate on the mandem
Chat shit, talk 'bout Frisco's a pagan
Two middle fingers up to bad mind
Fuck them, me and my paper's adjacent
Show love when I'm here, cause when I'm gone
There ain't no replacement, I'm a grime lord

[Hook: Frisco x2]

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