Babel Fish - Half Hearted Lyrics

Half Hearted

Thought that you were listeningThought your butt might be worth kissingBut the smile got stuckIt felt like a diseaseTook another wrong turnSo I watched another bridge burn downI am spending most of my timeDown on my kneesSesame, open upI want in, I want your stuffIt's cold out hereMy soul has caught the fluI have made my life's decisionI'd probably kill for my ambitionIf I thought it'd helpI might just kill you tooAnd you say I'm halfHalf heartedYou say I'm halfHalf heartedYou've got me second guessingWhat I thought had been a blessingI got so closeBut you put me back on holdAnd if nothing sells like sincerityThen listen up 'cause I might beSpeaking from the bottom of my soulAnd you say I'm half...You have been my scapegoatIt is you that's kept me afloatI have put all blame on you instead on meMy wounds are self inflictedI've been feeling so vindictiveThat the truth has been impossible to seeGod I've been halfHalf hearted...

Babel Fish Half Hearted

Date Added: 2007-12-29
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