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Half N Half

[Verse 1: Fenix]
I do the dash with the thirty tucked
Pop a perky, bitch I'm going up
She ain't going 'less she hoeing up
Xanny bars, my nigga sold a bunch
I dropped a Phenergan in my punch
You a worker, nigga take your lunch
Shoot a nigga, I won't take a punch
Knew I'd make it, niggas had a hunch
Drop, drop top, finna run around
It's a run around, niggas brought a hundred rounds
Big goals, me and my niggas need a hundred pounds
Money counter go, that's the money sound
I'm a dog lil bitch, fuck your life up
In the club piped up, nigga, pipe up
Good vali, the shawty
She geeking, she rolling off molly
My niggas, they got me
You tweeking, we shoot up the party
Lil shawty, gon' top me
I love it when she suck it sloppy
Lil shawty, she naughty for molly
Bitch I'm the shit but no potty
We walking with sticks through the lobby
I'm with my migos, Versace
I blew up, she thought she forgot me
I'm shopping at Neimans, don't swap me
I'm young and I'm famous and cocky
You run up on me, I'ma pop it

[Verse 2: Mac PDawg]
Gelato in the Fanto
Riding in the Tahoe
Eating lobster with a bad ho
Tell me that she got a man, but we ain't the same though
Started off with a xan, deuce all in my Faygo
Had to hit my money dance, hit em with the Karo
Money coming out my pants but I don't really care though
If she ever take a glance you know she coming home
With a nigga making hella bands and bitch don't come alone
Unless your gon' bring another friend, 'cause most thots to get boned
I just popped me another xan, the shit keep on going
Shoot your partner in both his hands for all that shit he throwing, shit he throwing
Mac PDawg off a percocet, like nigga where we going, where we going

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