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[Verse 1]
Let's just cut it down the middle
Let it bleed and bleed out
I'll clean up the mess, baby
You stand there and shout
Cry, cry
Baby, I can't hold us together

[Verse 2]
Paint me in a corner
Cover me with rage
I'll take it like a circus lion
Silent in my cage
Cry, cry
Baby, I can't change the weather

Baby, I'll let go when you say so
Try to let your heart fly free
I'll crawl out of my cradle
Down into my black hole
And you just lay low
Under your halo

[Verse 3]
I'll slip into the back room
Fall onto your cast
Almost out of focus
Like a faded photograph
Cry, cry
Baby, I'm all out of answers



Baby, you just lay low
Under your halo

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