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Hang Wit Me [Freestyle]


[Verse 1: Naira Marley]

M-m-more time you need to stop it with all that nonsense
M-m-my niggas have no manners they have nonsense
Don't act up around dem we will shoot you up
Smoking on the ami shit is loud as fuck
Obviously I've gone there the shit is loud as fuck
Trapping everyday I'm getting money now
Aunties want me to fuck their daughters now
I make-I make music for my niggas I don't wanna blow
Talking all that shit yea your onto me
When beef gets peak now you go and tell on me
You must be kidding me my niggas blow out you're kid-e-neys
I've got niggas in your endz that will shoot for me
They'll kill you for 10 pounds and give me 9 pounds back
We don't back stab yeah we stab backs
Catch me doing stupid dance call it flexing
Send money to the jail niggas if you're balling


Rolling round with 2 chainz think I'm 2 chainz
Rolling round with 2 pistols think I'm 2 pistols
If we don't kill then who will
I'm not real fam I'm too real

[Verse 2: Naira Marley]

Your bitch wanna fuck me cos she's scared of me
Tell the bitch if there's no heads then there's no sex
Tell the bitch if there's no sex then there's no love
(Ho) B-b-b-bitch don't you know that sex is love
Technically bitches lovin' me niggas hate on me
I don't care like a tattoo the girl stays on me
Lately niggas gossiping yeah their onto me
When they see me it's a different story they wan talk to me
Comfortably chilling blowing smoke now I'm comfortably
High as fuck she don't worry me I don't give a fuck
Freestyle tell em' free chris tell em' free studs
Free reece tell em' free tanz tell em' free dons
Free jaz you want freedom we want freedom
(We want it) Lemme get em' with my own flow
(Get it man) Niggas gassed like pepsi
Fake niggas even Stevie Wonder can see
I sell drugs like the pharmacy
I make money I don't make friends
I stay fresh like my accent
First I shoot my guns now they wan be my friend (YANYANYAN)
We started it dis ain't revenge
We don't-We don't rep gangs we just good friends (SQUAAA) x7

G-g-good friends Yep we good friends (SQUAAA)

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