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Hard To Stay Sober

[Verse 1: T.mills]
Far from cheap she say my watch expensive
Résumé she says that shit extensive
Champagne I tell her complementary, baby i'm hella young
I say that's elementary
So i, roll up an eighth make some mistakes
Call a few bitches and they on the way
She light up a jay, she open her legs
A night on your life , that’s a regular day
Y-y-yeah, i does this, high of a life i'm public
I chronically get wild head but nah i never rush it
Can't touch this, i like girls and trees , mary jane, molly me
Can't stand to be not faded so i'm always doing laundry

[Bridge :T.mills]
Girls come and they go, girls tricking they hoes
Guaranteed she love milli when she's dancing up on that pole

[Hook : T.mills]
We got some freaks in the living room
Models in the swimming pool, and i rather be with you instead
I swear is getting into my head
That's why it's hard to stay , it's hard to stay sober yeah
It's hard to stay, it's hard to stay sober yeah
It's hard to stay, it's hard to stay yeah
It's hard to stay, it's hard to stay sober

[Verse 2: T.mills]
I'm always celebrating so it's hard to stay sober
Bitches easy coming through but it's harder to stay over
Most you ever gonna get it's some sex and a make over
One in one out then i race it and then take over
Came a long way for white girls and range rovers
I'm taking down that pussy like i was a trained soldier
Super hero serving the dick and some plane clothing
I got chicks in the cube they ain't cloaking my game is frozen
My bitch hotter than the summer but i swear her name is autumn
Make her daddy hide his daughter, i'm good looking bitch i'm awesome

[Hook] x2

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