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Turn that bitch up
Yo Cochise, I wanted my set
Bullet!I been, uh, I been
I been uh
Uh uh

Bitch I`m tough
Who he with? Who he with?
Not with us, us, us
That boy, that boy, that boy sus
Get the punk, that`s a must, I don`t trust

Oh cool, okay, oh cool
In Tokyo
I`m with my ghouls
My shoe is up
No Liverpool
In Tokyo
I`m with my ghouls

Uh, I`ma go run up a check
Like I got semen on my set
Your side bitch, oh I`m leaving her wet
That boy ain`t real why he talking `bout that?
I`m getting hella upset
Every guy that gon` come gon` get wrecked
Something whenever my friend and me make

Uh relay
Run it up, replay
She come over my way
Third eye with it, Hiei
Niggas is mad `cause I`m stunting!
Tell that nigga to stop all that frontin!
All on IG she suck in her stomach
Get the bread and then cum in a bunny
I want twenties I don`t want no hunnids

Spent a check and another one coming
That boy mad `cause he getting, um, nothing
Had to wake up and go off on something
Heard you a hoe but I send yo ass running
How you leaving if you know I`m coming?
You a discreet, you started ducking
Pull up to the scene, these niggas was buggin
I had a what!

Yeah my pockets is big like my gat
My niggas ain`t reelin` me shit
My shawty she slim and she fat
I could pull up just stay where you at!
Better hope I don`t catch you, you lacking
I might put the whole team on my back
Everywhere that I go had to snack
Had to sip on that drank at the mansion

Uh pullin` that thing like a hatch
I had to get to the racks
I had to get me a stack
Don`t got the time to relax
Me and the brothers attached
Go hide that fish, it could pass
I got that fire with the blank
Had to wake up, I`m chasing the sack

I`m chasing the sack
Niggas is mad `cause I`m black
I give her shit like a-heh
All my niggas be comin` through nice
All my niggas be, nice

Everyday built like it`s max
I had to fuck up packs
Yeah I`m sipping that pack
Heard these niggas they acting like- uh, yeah
And these niggas they lacks
And they looking relaxed, yeah
And these niggas they loving the light, they black

Yeah she black, yeah
The sight of her soul, black yeah
Better girl (yeah yeah)
Ja B went crazy on this one

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