Babyface - Have I Never Lyrics

Have I Never

Written by babyface (1995)Performed by a few good menHave I never told you I love youHave I never told you I careHave I never told you how much I need youHave I ever , ever not been thereIf I've never told you I careGirl, I swear to youIt's not because the feeling's not thereI promise to youFrom the top of my heartFrom the bottom of my heartGirl, don't you knowI loved you then, I love you knowAnd will for ever moreHave I never told you I love youHave I never told you the wordsBaby I love you (you know I love you)Just know that I love youHave I ever told you I miss youHave I ever hurt your heartGirl I never ever meant to mistreat you[Have I Never lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Girl I could never knowingly break your heartIf I've ever caused you to feelThe words I speak straight from my heartAre not very realI promise to you from the tip of my heartThrough the depth of my soulI pray that you will knowI loved you now, and I loved you thenAnd will for ever moreHookOh baby, baby, baby you willAlways be my ladyAnd I promise I willNever break your heart'cause I love youI need youAnd will foreverHookI love youJust know that I love you

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