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Trigga's home, Trigga's home..

[Verse 1 - Trey Songz]
I hit your city and I'm looking for some talent
I need a pretty young thing that could blow
I found it girl - your mouth is so astounding
Never got wet and then a nigga just drowneded
And bitch niggas be hating cause the bitches all around him
Worldwide girls eyes mesmerize, bezel shine
Future mind, present mine, roley it tell me present time
If you ever hear I'm big-headed, that's just my Heavy mind
I'm fly as fuck, you the back of the Delta line
I'm focused, poking the dopest Columbian coke, no joke
I'm so cold, it's confetti time since ready time
I got bars for life, Martin and Eddie time
Dinner alone, so some okra and spaghetti's fine..
Yeah that's real wine, headline
Say I'm engaged on the internet: they're lying
5 tours in 2 years: heard they paid a nigga straight
Plus I stay up in some pussy tryna say a nigga gay
But I learned tho: haters gon hate
But a hater never ate a scrape off of my plate
Blackhead ass niggas get your head up out my face
Keep my dick in your mouth so it's fuck what you say
Keep your bitch up in the house
She's sucking on Trey
She lied when she replied "you ain't got nothing on me"
But she tried her mouth was wide, I didn't want that on my sheets
I told her suck my scrotum, I go wild on these beats
Why these lousy motherfuckers keep stickin on me?
Drowsy motherfuckers keep sleeping on me..
They say I'm falling off - I guess we just gon' see
You niggas wack songs keep leaking on me

[Hook - Trey Songz]
It's Tre ho..
They know, they know, they know..

That the realest on the rise, fuck them other guys
Take whoever beat and eat it like a piece of pie
They know.. they know

[Verse 2 - Trey Songz]
This money-making my conversation
He talking blatant, he probably faking
I wake and bake, I ain’t steak & shake
But I take the cake to my paper date
It's super flow and it activates you stupid hoes
Just master hate. Different club, the same whores, I'm bored
I head to the gate. Now somewhere making that mattress break
You're somewhere faking, you masturbaing
I said I was gone, well I'm back now, he had to wait long
Can't believe a nigga still will say that Trey can't rap today: wrong
Cause I know a nigga still
Will kill on any nigga who's jacking they songs
What I learned tho: haters gon hate
But a hater never ate a scrape off of my plate
Boy I made it, plus I'm faded, I be stuntin all day
It's ok, just say it, you was fronting on Trey
It's a movie, it's a massacre, and I'm about to feel Leatherfaced
Leave you niggas stuck with the "I could be doing better"-face
I only said that cause I'm fucking with this movie shit
And really, truthfully, that ain't got shit to do with shit
But shit: why the got me like this?
Record labels tryna make a carbon copy like this
They heard I was staying out of lobbies like this
They saying "Trigga bodied this bitch" but that's something
Trey know.. Trey know..
It's Trey ho.. they know, they know, they know..
Haters gon hate
But a hater never ate a scrape off of my plate
Backhand ass niggas get the fuck out my face
Keep my dick up in your mouth, so it's fuck what you say

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