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Verse 1.
My nine stay full of them hollows, 17 in the clip
Bitch, thats more you can swallow i dont follow motherfuckers
around all the time im a leader and them shells for that tre
pound that would bleed ya, maybe have your ass
leaking,my music is big blowing throgh your speakers
bitch, Im j-Streetz im one of the greatest, bitches know
i aint playing im spraying your house and your basements
your cars and your vases,motherfuckers stuck on streetz
stay off his ballz and stay off his meat the one the
only motherfucking j-streetz.

Chrous X2
When you see j-streetz you know he got his heat, stay
chopping, popping,and dropping these beatz.

Verse 2.
My heat stay on my waist knowing that me and my bitch dont play, we hit the club together
we stay in bars im on the freeway with me my nigga will spray and he aint no human
talking shit motherfucker you talking like you stupid or something motherfucker watch out we busting
and dumping.

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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