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[Verse 1]
I used to count the stars in the sky
Now I count the ones in your eyes
I used to think that my paradise
Was somewhere waiting on the other side
But you, ooh-ooh
Take me higher than I've been
Laying hands on my skin
It's true, ooh-ooh
Nothing compares to you

So tell me why, what good is life?
If we're all just waiting to dance in the sky
I'm already there, here in your eyes
We climb the gates every time that you lie down nеxt to me
I rest in peacе, they say it's better, but how could that be?
If everyone had a love like us
They wouldn't call that place above, "Heaven"
[Verse 2]
Waking up to you feels like a pinch-myself moment
If we're only here for a while, I wanna spend
All of it holding you, ooh-ooh
Take me higher than I've been
Got me questioning everything I knew, ooh-ooh
'Cause nothing compares to you

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Date Added: 2022-05-22
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