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Hell Of A Way To Go

[Verse 1]
Me and him was beatin' them banks
Talkin' life and death, Fords and Chevrolets
Said, "Son, we've got it made
Got a livewell full, little sunshine, a little shade"
I ain't ready to go today
But when my time comes and if I had it my way

I'd be sittin' on a lake like glass
Catchin' largemouth bass, just my boy and me
Or maybe on a fifty-yard line
Watchin' Alabama whoop up on Tennessee
Or maybe on a front porch swing
Somethin' cold to drink and Mama's hand to hold
And a song on the radio
Would be a hell of a way to go
[Verse 2]
I remember thinkin' that day
I couldn't picture him goin' any other way
Someday, when I get old
I can only hope when the good Lord calls me home

I'd be sittin' on a lake like glass

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Date Added: 2022-05-21
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